NCAMP 2013 supporting documents

National Minimum Dataset

Supporting documents related to NMDS

This document relates to the Ministry NMDS transactional system but may be of use to Sector analysts and developers

National Non-Admitted Patients Collection

Supporting documents related to NNPAC

NCAMP 2013 High Level Business Requirements

Copy of the Business  Requirements referred to in the summary section of the change notifications

NCAMP 2013 Letter to DHB CEOs

Copy of the pro former letter sent to DHB CEOs giving formal notification of the changes to National Health Information Collections effective from 1 July 2013 (NCAMP 2013)

Purchase Unit Data Dictionary (PUDD) Changes for 2013/14 Version 18

The Purchase Unit Data Dictionary (PUDD) lists current Purchase Units which are for DHB and Ministry contracting and reporting purposes. The PUDD is updated two to three times a year. Changes to the PUDD are consulted widely with the sector and endorsed by the DHBs GMs Funding and Planning. Information regarding the Purchase Units and PUDD is published on the NSFL website.

This information includes, the PUDD changes sheets, release dates of the PUDD updates, CSV file of the current PUDD, archived PUDD and changes sheets and Request Forms for new Purchase Units.

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