NCAMP 2013 National Minimum Dataset Change Notifications

These change notifications affect the National Minimum Dataset (NMDS).

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_BusRules_V1.1 - Update NMDS Business Rules

Alterations to business rules were made on 21 November 2012 to alleviate issues in submitting various events. This was considered urgent due to the number of events being rejected in error and the subsequent effect on DHBs.

cn_2013_ NCAMP_NNPAC_NMDS_ClarifyReporting_V1.1 – Clarify Reporting Requirements for Hospital Services Delivered by Other Providers

When provision of health services is contracted to the primary health care sector, the requirements of the service specifications (and therefore the reporting requirements) do not change. Both the DHBs and the Ministry still need the minimum set of data reported to NNPAC and NMDS to be available in the data warehouse.
The Operational Policy Framework (OPF) requires DHBs to ensure that new service providers are contractually required to collect and report information to the national collections.

2013_PUDD_V1.1 – Purchase Unit Data Dictionary (PUDD) Changes for Versions 17.2 & 18

The Purchase Unit Data Dictionary (PUDD) lists current Purchase Units for DHB and Ministry contracting and reporting purposes.

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_AR-DRG6.0x_v1.1 – Upgrade The Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group (AR-DRG) to version 6.0x

The Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Grouper (AR-DRG) used as part of the National Minimum Dataset (NMDS) system needs to be upgraded. The move to AR-DRG v6.0x is considered as a requirement for NCAMP 2013 as the WIESNZ13 specification has been rewritten on this basis.

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_NNPAC_BSP_v1.1 – Bowel Screening Pilot

A bowel screening pilot began in Waitemata DHB in October 2011. The pilot is being funded nationally by the Ministry of Health and the colonoscopies provided as part of the pilot need to be distinguished from those provided and funded by Waitemata DHB as part of their medical and surgical services or purchased by the Ministry as part of Elective funding.

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_NNPAC_HSC_v1.1 – Reactivate HSC S11 & M24

Auckland DHB would like to identify NMDS and NNPAC event records for patients treated by the Intestinal Failure Specialist Service and for patients treated by the Paediatric Metabolic Service.

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_RetireID_v1.1 – Retire Intended Day Case Event Type (ID)

Intended Day Case (ID) and Inpatient (IP) event types are not reported consistently and the data for ID event records can be derived from existing information.

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_ValCOF_v1.1 – Retire NMDS Validation Rule for Condition Onset Flag

Condition Onset Flag (COF) reporting was implemented in the NMDS 1 July 2012.
The valid values of COF are:
1 = condition with onset during the episode of admitted patient care
2 = condition not noted as arising during the episode of care/unknown
9 = not reported (only for exempt facilities)
The business rule implemented for NCAMP 2012 was to reject all event records reported with a COF value of 1 on a Type A diagnosis as a warning. This would allow the maternity and neonatal event records that were valid to be resubmitted with an A2 override.

cn_2013_NCAMP_NMDS_WIES_v1.1 – Implementation of 2013/14 NZ Weighted Inlier Equivalent Separations (WIESNZ13) methodology and casemix purchase unit allocation

This change notification informs the sector of the addition and implementation of the 2013/2014 version of Weighted Inlier Equivalent Separations (WIESNZ13) costweights and framework rules for NMDS event records with an end date on or after 1 July 2013.

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