NCAMP 2012 Compliance testing


NCAMP compliance testing for 1 July 2012 is made up of the following phases:

  1. Compliance testing – Once the DHB test system has been updated to include the NCAMP changes, the DHB will follow the test scenarios provided by Ministry and extract the data created.
  2. Check of first production file – After successfully completing the Ministry testing the DHB will have provisional compliance. The first file created in the DHBs production environment will be loaded into the Ministry compliance environment as a final check before loading into the Ministry production environment. If this load is successful, and there are no significant errors, the DHB will be given full compliance.

Compliance procedures for DHBs

This document describes the procedures to be observed by DMS and the DHBs during the compliance testing phases.

The following compliance test scripts are for use after NCAMP upgrades have been applied to the relevant systems.

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