Finalised outputs

Finalised data from the national collections.


  • Published 02 April 2020
    These tables contain information on the underlying causes of all deaths registered in New Zealand in 2016. Information is broken down by age, sex, ethnicity, district health board and ICD-10-AM statistical classification chapters, subgroups and three character codes
  • Published 13 February 2020
    The Biomedical Data Explorer presents results from blood and urine tests in the 2014/15 New Zealand Health Survey. Tests included biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver function, nutrition, and immunity to measles and rubella.
  • Demographic Report for Clients Allocated the Ministry of Health’s Disability Support Services: 2018 update.
    Published 27 January 2020
    This publication presents aggregated demographic information about the people with disabilities who were allocated Ministry of Health funded disability supports in 2018.
  • Published 12 December 2019
    These annually published interactive tables and graphs provide high-level data on cancer registrations in 2017. They include information about the most common cancers registered and breakdowns by common demographic variables. The data is provided in multiple formats.
  • Published 28 November 2019
    This statistical publication presents and summarises suicide information received from the New Zealand Mortality Collection.
  • Published 20 November 2019
    These tables present a summary of fetal and infant deaths, with a focus on deaths and stillbirths registered in 2016. Information presented includes demographic information (eg, ethnicity and sex), cause of death, gestation and birthweight, as well as deaths classified as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI).
  • Contraception.
    Published 15 November 2019
    This report describes types of contraception used by women or their male partner, among those who had had vaginal sex in the four weeks preceding the survey.
  • First Heterosexual Sex.
    Published 15 November 2019
    This report describes New Zealanders’ first experience of sex, including whether it was consensual and protected from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Over 10,000 respondents aged 16–74 years completed the sexual and reproductive health module in the 2014/15 Health Survey.
  • Pregnancy Planning.
    Published 15 November 2019
    This report describes the degree to which women planned their most recent pregnancy, based on their answers to questions about contraceptive use, timing, intention, desire for a baby, partner discussion, and pre-conceptual preparations.
  • Non-volitional Sex.
    Published 15 November 2019
    This report describes New Zealanders that have been made to have sex against their will, referred to as non-volitional sex. It covers their age at the most recent non-volitional sex and their relationship with the perpetrator.
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