What is planned next?

This page provides news about what is planned next for PRIMHD and will be updated on an as required basis.


The following table shows a breakdown by region and month of when NGOs are forecasted to go live with PRIMHD. Numbers are based on the status of non-live NGOs as at end December 2012.

NGOs yet to go live – Forecast as at December 2012
Northern 3
Midland 9
Central 5
Southland/Otago 0
Canterbury/West Coast 8
Nelson/Marlborough 2

HISO Review

The Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) is an advisory group to the National Health Information Technology Board of the National Health Board, Ministry of Health. Key tasks include:

  • Ensuring that health information standards are needs based, fit for purpose, useful and can be implemented
  • Approving for publication those health information standards developed in accordance with HISO processes.

The following PRIMHD standards were developed in 2010:

  • 10023.1 PRIMHD Data Process Standard v2.0 (June 2010)
  • 10023.2 PRIMHD Data Set v2.1 (June 2010)
  • 10023.3 PRIMHD Code Set v2.2 (October 2010).

A review of these standards will begin in 2011.

For any enquiries about the HISO review please contact Angie Quinn (Senior Advisor, Health Information Solutions and Standards, National Health Board, email [email protected], or phone DDI 04 816 3353).

Casemix development

Casemix is a way to group like ‘cases’ of mental health care so outcomes can be compared. Casemix also enables a better understanding of the real differences in outcomes between differing services and providers.

The inclusion of casemix capability in PRIMHD will enable the system to produce casemix adjusted ad hoc and standing order reports. This will be particularly useful for outcomes analysis, service development and monitoring.

It is expected to have casemix capability introduced into PRIMHD by October 2012.

Website changes

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