National Booking Reporting System Data Warehouse

The National Booking Reporting System Data Warehouse (NBRS DW) was established to consolidate information from the NBRS inpatient database, summary statistics, and cost weighted discharge information from the NMDS and Sector Operations.



The NBRS DW was established to consolidate information from the National Booking Reporting System database and summary outpatient statistics. This consolidated view of the data supports the monthly production of Elective Services Patient Flow Indicators (ESPIs) reports and ad hoc queries.

The ESPIs are a means of evaluating how providers manage patients waiting for access to elective services. The eight indicators incorporate the Government’s policy targets for elective services and some of the accountability requirements for district health boards (DHBs). In addition, they highlight current and potential issues in patient flows through the elective services system.


The NBRS DW is updated every month with the last six months of data from:

  • the NBRS, which is a collection of all booking system events involving a health care user who receives an assessment of priority for a medical or surgical service and who is accepted for publicly funded treatment; this data is collected from the 20 DHBs
  • the Monthly Reporting Access database, which contains national summary outpatient data; this data is collected monthly from the 20 DHBs.

Start date

The NBRS DW was implemented on 1 July 2003, and contains data from 1 August 2000.

Guide for use

At the end of each month, the previous six months’ data is loaded to ensure any changes are captured. Data is summarised into months (also known as snapshots).

For further details refer to the National Booking Reporting System Data Dictionary.

Collection methods – guide for providers

Data is sourced from DHBs via:

  • National Booking Reporting System (booking event data)
  • National Booking Reporting System Monthly Reporting (NBRSMR) (outpatient data).

Frequency of updates

The last six months of data is reloaded into the NBRS DW on the 28th of each month.

Security of data

The NBRS Data Warehouse is accessed by authorised National Collections and Reporting staff for maintenance, data quality, analytical, and audit purposes.

Authorised users from the Ministry of Health’s Elective Services Team and DHBs have access to the data for analytical purposes via the Business Objects reporting tool and the secure Health Information Network. Business Objects contains a subset of the data described in the Data Dictionary.

Please note, Business Objects is currently being decommissioned.

Privacy issues

The Ministry of Health is required to ensure that the release of information recognises any legislation related to the privacy of health information, in particular the Official Information Act 1982, the Privacy Act 2020, and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.

Information available to the general public is of a statistical and non-identifiable nature. Researchers requiring identifiable data will usually need approval from an Ethics Committee.

National reports and publications

Summary NBRS data is published in the Elective Services section as part of the Elective Services Patient Flow Indicators (ESPIs). These reports are also available via the Business Objects reporting tool.

Please note, Business Objects is currently being decommissoned.

Data provision

Customised datasets or summary reports are available on request, either electronically or on paper. Staff from the Analytical Services team can help to define the specifications for a request and are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the data.

The Analytical Services team also offer a peer review service to ensure that national collections data is reported appropriately when published by other organisations.

There may be charges associated with data extracts.  

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