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PHO enrolment: As at April 2014, 4,297,032 people or 94.9% of New Zealanders are enrolled with a PHO.

PHOs and practices: As at April 2014, there are 32 primary health organisations (PHOs) and 1029 general practices (GPs) in New Zealand.

Newborn enrolment: In quarter 3 of 2013/14, 69% of newborns were enrolled with a GP within 3 months, compared to 63% last quarter. In the last 12 months, on average 96% of newborns were enrolled within 6 months, 98% within 9 months, and 101% within 12 months.

Capitation funding: In 2013/14, we paid out a total of $802.8 million (GST exclusive) in capitation funding, and we are forecasting to pay out $818.1 million in 2014/15.

GP and nurse visits: During the 2013 calendar year, there were 12.4 million GP consultations and 2.6 million nurse consultations provided to the New Zealand public.

GP fees: As at February 2014, the average fee for an adult aged 18 years and over to attend a general practice is $31.93, compared with $15.05 to attend a VLCA practice and $38.71 to attend a non-VLCA practice. The average fee for children aged 6–17 years old to visit a general practice is $22.70, compared with $7.72 to attend a VLCA practice and to $28.69 to attend a non-VLCA practice. 

Annual rate adjustment: From July 2014, the Ministry increased First Contact funding rates by 1%, VLCA/Zero Fees for Under 6s funding rates by 2.09% to 2.16%, and Health Promotion and Services to Improve Access rates by 0.61%. The maximum co-payment thresholds for VLCA from July 2013 are $0 for 0–5 year olds, $11.50 for 6–17 year olds, and $17.50 for adults which will remain the same for 2014/15.

Free GP visits for under 6s: As at April 2014, 356,054 or 98.2% of children aged less than 6 years old and have enrolled with a GP are receiving free visits during the daytime. Over 95% of children aged less than 6 years old are reported to be receiving free visits during after-hours as well. This equates to approximately 354,000 or 97.7% of children aged less than 6 years old that have access to free after-hours services.

Very Low Cost Access (VLCA): As at April 2014, 294 general practices were participating in the VLCA scheme, and 1.3 million or 30.4% of people were enrolled in VLCA practices.

GMS claims and clawbacks: In 2012/13, there were 1.1 million GMS claims, and $26.5 million (GST exclusive) was paid out for GMS claims. Of these claims 0.7 million were clawed back from PHOs, and $16.8 million (GST exclusive) of the funding was clawed back from PHOs.

Green Prescriptions: In 2012/13, $3.7 million was allocated to Green Prescriptions, and $4.7 million for 2013/14. In 2011/12, there were 32,825 Green Prescription referrals issued for adults, and 879 for children from 760 families.


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