Health of older people workforce

Profile of kaiāwhina workforce

The information available suggests that the current support worker workforce:

  • is female-dominated (91% are women)
  • has an older age profile compared to other New Zealand workforces (54% are aged between 45 and 64)
  • consists mostly of part-time workers working an average of 21 hours a week
  • is increasingly qualified, but continues to be paid an hourly rate close to the minimum wage.

Qualifications of home and community support workers

Graph showing the proportion of workers with different kinds of qualifications. 6% had none. 38% had on-the-job. 24% had NZQA level 2. 22% had NZQA level 3. 4% had an NZQA certificate. 1% had a graduate or post-graduate qualification. And 5% had other qualifications.
Source: Ministry of Health, 2015 Home and Community Support Service Workforce Survey
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