Amenable mortality and ambulatory-sensitive hospitalisation (50–74 years)

The Ministry of Health has recently redefined amenable mortality as ‘deaths from those conditions for which variation in mortality rates (over time and across populations) reflects variation in the coverage and quality of health care (preventative or therapeutic services) delivered to individuals’ (Ministry of Health 2010c).

Amenable mortality includes deaths (as defined above) occurring in those less than 75 years of age.

Ambulatory-sensitive hospitalisations are defined as hospitalisations of people less than 75 years old resulting from diseases sensitive to prophylactic or therapeutic interventions that are deliverable in a primary health care setting.

Table 39 shows that older Māori had significantly higher amenable mortality rates than older non-Māori. Māori males and Māori females aged 50–64 years had amenable mortality rates that were over 3 times higher than those for non-Māori males and females the same age (RR 3.23, CI 2.96–3.52 for males; RR 3.37, CI 3.03–3.75 for females). In the 65–74 years age group, Māori amenable mortality rates were over 2.5 times higher than non-Māori rates (RR 2.67, CI 2.45–2.92 for males; RR 2.99, CI 2.69–3.33 for females).

ICD code lists for these categories are provided in Appendix 1.

Disparities in ambulatory-sensitive hospitalisation rates were similar in both the 50–64 years and 65–74 years age groups but were highest for females aged 50–64 years. Ambulatory-sensitive hospitalisation rates were over 3 times higher for Māori females aged 50–64 years compared with non-Māori females in this age group (RR 3.38, CI 3.28–3.49).

For more information about amenable mortality, including an in-depth inequality analysis, refer to the 2010 Ministry of Health report Saving Lives: Amenable mortality in New Zealand.

How to interpret results – tables

Table 39: Health system indicators, Māori and non-Māori, by gender
  Males Females
  50–64 years 65+ years 50–64 years 65+ years
Indicator Māori non-Māori Māori non-Māori Māori Non-Māori Māori non-Māori
Amenable mortality, 2004–06, rate per 100,000 806.1
Ambulatory-sensitive hospitalisation, 2007–09, rate per 100,000 6315.8

Sources: Mortality Collection (MORT), Ministry of Health; National Minimum Dataset (Hospital Events) (MNMDS), Ministry of Health

Age standardised to the 2001 Census total Māori population.
Hospitalisations are ethnicity-adjusted rates; all other rates use prioritised ethnicity see Ngā Tapuae me ngā Raraunga: Methods and data sources for further information.

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