WIESNZ10 cost weights


This document provides the definitions for inclusion of hospital events in casemix funding together with information related to the calculation of cost weights for these events and the assignment of events to purchase units. WIESNZ10 uses the same AR-DRG set as the WIESNZ09, but new cost weights are provided.

This version includes the following major changes:

  • The data is now based on events coded in International Classifications of Diseases (ICD-10-AM) 6th Edition which is then mapped to 3rd edition and used to derive ARDRG5.0. Exclusion rules are based on Edition 3 coding and AR-DRG v5.0
  • A copayment for Electrophysiology (EP) events has been introduced, removing the necessity for these to be invoiced outside the standard casemix payment. In order that this change be revenue neutral, the weights for the F42 pair of DRGs have been discounted to accommodate the targeted weighting for EP events within the basket of procedures covered by these DRGs.
  • The NNPAC purchase units for excluded colposcopy events have an improved definition.
  • A casemix purchase unit for Emergency Medicine discharges is now defined.
  • Version 5 of this document includes an agency code for Southern DHB in the WIES-eligible list. While Southern DHB became an entity from 1 May 2010, they will not be using it to report to the NMDS until the 2010/11 financial year.
  • Version 6 of this document includes a WIES eligible facility code of 8861 for Otago Dental School.
  • Version 7 includes the facility code for Horowhenua (4313), Primecare Eye Centre (0314) and Eye Specialists Ltd (8971)
  • Version 8 includes facility codes for St Marks Road Surgical Centre (8977) and Rotorua Eye Clinic (8979). These were added 29 March 2011 for the 2010/11 financial year.
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