WIESNZ09 cost weights


This document provides the definitions for inclusion of hospital events in casemix funding together with information related to the calculation of cost weights for these events and the assignment of events to purchase units. WIESNZ09 uses the same AR-DRG set as the WIESNZ08 and WIES11C framework, but new cost weights are provided.

This version includes the following major changes:

  • The data is now based on events coded in International Classifications of Diseases (ICD-10-AM) 6th Edition which is then mapped to 3rd edition and used to derive ARDRG5.0. (An additional procedure code has been added to the Termination of Pregnancy exclusion to solve a problem caused by this change.)
  • A co-payment for scoliosis has been introduced, removing the necessity for these to be invoiced outside the casemix payment.
  • The process for adding facilities to the eligible facility list has been improved.
  • S05.01 Anaesthesia Inpatients purchase unit is now allocated to all events discharged from S05 Anaesthesia.
  • Three new facilities have been added to the eligible facility table.
  • The AAA co-payment is now valid for discharges with Tauranga Hospital’s facility code.
  • A new field has been added to record hours of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and the field total CPAP hours has been retired.
  • Purchase unit W10.01 is included in casemix for events with a discharge date on or after 1 July 2009 (as part of the change in maternity funding) where as it was previously excluded.
  • AAA and ASD co-payment funding is based on facility code rather than agency code.
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