WIES8C cost weights


This report specifies the final version of the 2003/2004 Financial Year (03/04 FY) WIES8C methodology for casemix purchasing recommended for use by DHBNZ. It is the same as the document for the 02/03 and is again based on the DRG schedule, AR-DRG 4.2. The cost weights used in the 02/03 FY will continue to be used on AR-DRG 4.2, but will now apply to maternity events. The current cost weights applied to AR-DRG 4.2 and based on this set of rules will be referred to as WIES8C. This is the recommended framework to be used in New Zealand from 1 July 2003.

This version includes the following changes:

  • Addition of a new purchaser code  for overseas residents who meet the eligibility criteria for publicly funded health services (includes students from and country with a valid visa and patients from countries with reciprocal agreements). Events with these purchaser codes are included in casemix;
  • A modification to the definition of discharge type DA to include “discharges to an acute facility where the patient is being transferred within five days of admission and has a principal diagnosis of stroke or the discharge is directly due to the need for immediate treatment at a neonatal facility, or a specialist burns unit, or a multiple trauma unit”;
  • Addition of the mobile surgical bus to the lists of agencies and of facilities which generate purchaser units. Hence these will not count as casemix purchases for any DHB;
  • Modifications to allow casemix funding for maternity events, arising from the report of the SFG Maternity project group; and
  • Reallocation of very low birthweights, ie, under 400 g, to 400 g so that these events will then fall into a casemix funded DRG.
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