WIES8B cost weights


This report specifies the final version of the 2002/2003 Financial Year (02/03 FY) WIES8B methodology for casemix purchasing recommended for use by DHBNZ. It is the same as the document for the 01/02 FY with adaptation to the new DRG schedule, AR-DRG 4.2.

This schedule shares the same codes as AR-DRG 4.1 and, in all except three cases, the descriptions are the same. What has changed are some of the underlying grouper rules.

It follows that the cost weights used in the 01/02 FY can also be used on AR-DRG 4.2; the current cost weights applied to AR-DRG 4.2 will be referred to as WIES8B. This is the recommended framework to be used in New Zealand from 1 July 2002.

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