WIES11C cost weights


This document provides the definitions for inclusion of hospital events in casemix funding together with information related to the calculation of cost weights for these events and the assignment of events to purchase units. There are minimal changes from the previous version: WIES11C uses the same cost weight table and DRG set as the WIES11B framework.

This version includes the following changes:

  • Gisborne hospital facility code (3411) has been added to the list of secondary maternity facilities after being overlooked in earlier versions
  • The value of the AAA copayment has changed
  • The section on Maternity/Obstetrics purchasing has been updated to reflect current activities
  • New facilities have been added to the list of those to be included in Casemix
  • Purchaser codes 18 and 13 have been retired and new purchaser codes added:
    • 34 for MoH funded purchases
    • 35 for DHB funded purchases.
  • Health specialty codes M20 and M24 have been replaced by the new codes:
    • M95  Endocrinology,
    • M96 Diabetology,
    • M97 Specialist Paediatric Endocrinology, and
    • M98 Specialist Paediatric Diabetology.
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