National Non-Admitted Patient Collection error messages

The attached table describes errors that can be reported from file loading.

The following information is given for each code:

Error number

This number consists of three parts – the application_code, the error_ID and the error_type.

  • Application_code:
    A three-letter code assigned by the Ministry to identify each software application – in this case NAP for the NNPAC datamart.
  • Error_ID:
    This is a unique number (eg, 1003).
  • Error_type:
    Severity of message (E = error, W = warning, C = caution). Currently, there are no warnings in NNPAC validation. From 1 July 2008, a caution is used to describe why data is considered invalid. Data producing a caution will be accepted and loaded.

Error type description

A detailed description of the error and suggestions for why it may have arisen. Lists of allowed values can be found in the file specification.

Error message

This is the message that is sent back to providers. It may contain substitution parameters (prefixed with ‘%’) which the program fills in with the particular value.

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