Professional Group code table

For the National Booking Reporting System.

Professional Group code table
Professional Group code Professional Group description Professional Group code range Inactive Professional Group date
AC New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists N 1-Jul-02
AD New Zealand Audiological Society N 1-Jul-02
AO Ambulance Officer N 1-Jul-02
CH Chiropractic Board N 1-Jul-02
CN New Zealand Association of Counsellors N 1-Jul-02
DN Dental Council of New Zealand N 1-Jul-08
DO Opticians Board N 1-Jul-08
DT Dieticians Board N 1-Jul-02
HB District Health Board Internal Value C  
LT Medical Laboratory Technologist Board N 1-Jul-02
MC Medical Council of New Zealand N  
MT Medical Radiation Technologist Board N 1-Jul-02
MW Midwifery Council N 1-Jul-08
OP New Zealand Association of Optometrists N 1-Jul-08
OS International Society for Osteopathic Practice Inc N 1-Jul-02
OT New Zealand Association of Occupation Therapists N 1-Jul-08
PD Podiatrists Board N 1-Jul-02
PH Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand N 1-Jul-02
PT Physiotherapy Board N 1-Jul-08
RN Nursing Council of New Zealand N 1-Jul-08
RP New Zealand Psychological Society N 1-Jul-02
ST New Zealand Speech Language Therapist Association N 1-Jul-02
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