Booked Procedure values code table

For the National Booking Reporting System.

This is a subset only. Refer to the Health Specialty code table for the full set of values. Note that the Ministry will map the full set to the codes listed below.

You can download the table of Booked Procedure values codes as an Excel spreadsheet file or view in the following table.

Health Specialty code Health Specialty description Booked Procedure code Booked Procedure description
Booked Procedure values code table
M00 General Medicine 01 Colonoscopy
M00 General Medicine 02 Gastroscopy
M00 General Medicine 03 Other Scopes
M00 General Medicine 95 Other general medicine
M00 General Medicine 99 General internal medical services (unclassified)
M10 Cardiology 01 Angioplasty
M10 Cardiology 02 Angiogram
M10 Cardiology 03 Pacemaker insertion/replacement
M10 Cardiology 04 Cardiac defibrillator insertion/testing
M10 Cardiology 05 EP Studies
M10 Cardiology 95 Other cardiology
M10 Cardiology 99 Other cardiology (unclassified)
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 01 Angioplasty
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 02 Angiogram
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 03 Pacemaker insertion/replacement
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 04 paediatric cardiac defibrillator insertion/testing
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 05 paediatric EP Studies
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 95 Other specialist paediatric cardiology
M14 Specialist Paediatric Cardiology 99 Other specialist paediatric cardiology (unclassified)
M15 Dermatology 01 Skin lesion removal
M15 Dermatology 95 Other dermatology
M20 Endocrinology and Diabetology 99 Endocrinology and diabetic services (unclassified)
M25 Gastroenterology 01 Colonoscopy
M25 Gastroenterology 02 Gastroscopy
M25 Gastroenterology 03 Other - scopes
M25 Gastroenterology 95 Other gastroenterology
M25 Gastroenterology 99 Other gastroenterology (unclassified)
M30 Haematology 99 Haematology services (unclassified)
M35 Immunology 99 Immunology services (unclassified)
M45 Neurology 99 Neurology services (unclassified)
M50 Oncology 99 Oncology and radiotherapy services (unclassified)
M55 Paediatric Medicine 99 Paediatric medical services (unclassified)
M60 Renal Medicine 01 Nephrectomy for transplantation
M60 Renal Medicine 02 Kidney transplantation
M60 Renal Medicine 95 Other renal medicine
M60 Renal Medicine 99 Renal medicine services (unclassified)
M65 Respiratory Medicine 01 Bronchoscopy
M65 Respiratory Medicine 95 Other respiratory
M65 Respiratory Medicine 99 Respiratory services (unclassified)
M70 Rheumatology 99 Rheumatology (unclassified)
P41 Paediatric neonatal special care [Level I] 99 Paediatric neonatal special care [Level I] (unclassified)
P42 Paediatric neonatal special / intensive care [Level II] 99 Paediatric neonatal special / intensive care [Level II] (unclassified)
P43 Paediatric neonatal special / intensive care [Level III] 99 Paediatric neonatal special / intensive care [Level III] (unclassified)
S00 General Surgery 01 Cholecystectomy
S00 General Surgery 02 Hernia repair
S00 General Surgery 03 Haemorrhoidectomy
S00 General Surgery 04 Thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy
S00 General Surgery 05 Pilonidal sinus
S00 General Surgery 06 Pancreatic surgery
S00 General Surgery 07 Breast surgery
S00 General Surgery 08 Liver, biliary surgery
S00 General Surgery 09 Appendectomy
S00 General Surgery 10 Varicose veins
S00 General Surgery 11 Gastrectomy
S00 General Surgery 12 Stomach stapling, gastric bypass
S00 General Surgery 13 Major bowel
S00 General Surgery 14 Anorectal surgery
S00 General Surgery 15 Carotid endarterectomy
S00 General Surgery 16 Endoscopy
S00 General Surgery 17 Other Gastroenterological
S00 General Surgery 18 Paedatric General
S00 General Surgery 19 Rectal Prolapse / Anorectal surgery
S00 General Surgery 20 Vasectomy
S00 General Surgery 21 Gastroscopy
S00 General Surgery 22 Colonoscopy
S00 General Surgery 23 Sigmoidoscopy
S00 General Surgery 24 Other - scopes
S00 General Surgery 25 Carpal tunnel release (laready picked up in Ortho)
S00 General Surgery 26 Abdominoplasty (already in plastics)
S00 General Surgery 27 Skin lesions
S00 General Surgery 95 Other general surgery
S00 General Surgery 98 Other vascular surgery
S00 General Surgery 99 Other general surgery (unclassified)
S05 Anaesthesia service(s) and Pain Management 99 Anaesthesia services (unclassified)
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 01 Colonoscopy
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 02 Gastroscopy
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 03 Other - scopes
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 16 Endoscopy
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 17 Other Gastroenterological
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 95 Other gastroenterology surgery
S10 Gastroenterological Surgery 99 Other gastroenterology (unclassified)
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 01 CABG
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 02 CABG+Valve replacement
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 03 Valve replacement/repair
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 04 Atrial septal defect
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 05 PDA
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 95 Other cardiac
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 98 Other paediatric cardiothoracic
S15 Cardiothoracic Surgery 99 Other cardiothoracic (unclassified)
S19 Thoracic Surgery 01 Lobectomy
S19 Thoracic Surgery 95 Other thoracic
S19 Thoracic Surgery 99 Other thoracic (unclassified)
S20 Dental Surgery 01 Restorative dentistry
S20 Dental Surgery 02 Dental extractions
S20 Dental Surgery 03 Full dental clearance
S20 Dental Surgery 95 Other dental
S20 Dental Surgery 99 Other dental (unclassified)
S24 Maxillo-Facial Surgery 01 Excision lesion
S24 Maxillo-Facial Surgery 02 Bone grafting
S24 Maxillo-Facial Surgery 03 Ortho-gnathic Surgery
S24 Maxillo-Facial Surgery 04 Maxillo-facial trauma
S24 Maxillo-Facial Surgery 95 Other maxillo-facial
S24 Maxillo-Facial Surgery 99 Other oral maxillofacial (unclassified)
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 01 Microlaryngoscopy
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 02 Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 03 Septorhinoplasty, septoplasty
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 04 Endoscopic sinus surgery
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 05 Myringoplasty, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, mastoid obliteration, otoplasty
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 06 Tympanotomy/stapedectomy/ossiculoplasty
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 07 Myringotomy
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 08 Thyroidectomy, Paratyroidectom (its already picked up in Gen Surg)
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 09 Other skin cancer - or suspected  (its already picked up in Plastics)
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 10 Rhinoplasty/ Septorhinoplasty (its already picked up in Plastics)
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 11 Laryngoscopy
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 95 Other ear, nose and throat
S25 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 99 Other ENT (unclassified)
S30 Gynaecology 01 Falloposcopy
S30 Gynaecology 02 Tubal surgery
S30 Gynaecology 03 Sterilisation
S30 Gynaecology 04 D&C, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy
S30 Gynaecology 05 LLETZ Loop, cervical & vulval biopsies
S30 Gynaecology 06 Colposuspension
S30 Gynaecology 07 Myomectomy
S30 Gynaecology 08 Endometrial ablation
S30 Gynaecology 09 Hysterectomy (Vag/abd)
S30 Gynaecology 10 IVF
S30 Gynaecology 95 Other gynaecology
S30 Gynaecology 98 Other fertility procedures
S30 Gynaecology 99 Other gynaecology (unclassified)
S35 Neurosurgery 01 Craniotomy
S35 Neurosurgery 02 Discectomy/Laminectomy
S35 Neurosurgery 03 Spinal fusion
S35 Neurosurgery 04 ICP shunt
S35 Neurosurgery 05 Cranioplasty
S35 Neurosurgery 06 Removal spinal tumour
S35 Neurosurgery 07 Craniotomy - vascular procedure
S35 Neurosurgery 08 Craniotomy - space occupying lesion
S35 Neurosurgery 09 Carotid endarterectomy
S35 Neurosurgery 10 Carpal tunnel release (already picked up in Ortho)
S35 Neurosurgery 11 Spinal Surgery (already picked up in Ortho)
S35 Neurosurgery 12 Scoliosis (already in Orthopaedics)
S35 Neurosurgery 13 Laminectomy (already in Orthopaedics)
S35 Neurosurgery 95 Other neurosurgery
S35 Neurosurgery 99 Other neurosurgery (unclassified)
S40 Ophthalmology 01 Cataract procedures
S40 Ophthalmology 02 Corneal graft
S40 Ophthalmology 03 Enucleation
S40 Ophthalmology 04 Vitrectomy
S40 Ophthalmology 05 DCR
S40 Ophthalmology 06 Squint procedures
S40 Ophthalmology 95 Other ophthamology
S40 Ophthalmology 99 Other ophthalmology (unclassified)
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 01 Arthroscopy
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 02 Hip replacement
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 03 Arthroplasty of hip knee
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 04 Revision hip replacement
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 05 Other hip/upper leg procedures
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 06 Knee replacement
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 07 Revision knee replacement
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 08 Other knee/lower leg procedures
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 09 Ankle/foot procedures
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 10 Shoulder, arm, wrist procedures
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 11 Hand procedures
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 12 Carpal tunnel release
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 13 Spinal surgery
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 14 Scoliosis
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 15 Laminectomy
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 16 Disectomy/ Laminectomy
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 17 Spinal Fusion
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 18 Arthroplasty other
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 95 Other orthopaedics
S45 Orthopaedic Surgery 99 Other orthopaedics (unclassified)
S55 Paediatric surgical services 14 Circumcision
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 01 Hernia repair
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 02 Appendectomy
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 03 Orchidectomy
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 04 Hypospadias
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 05 Varicose Veins
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 06 Abdominoplasty
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 07 Liver / Biliary Surgery
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 08 Gastrectomy
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 13 Major Bowel
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 95 Other paediatric surgery
S59 Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others] 99 Specialist paediatric surgery [others] (unclassified)
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 01 Excision of lesions - Excl skin lesions
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 02 Skin grafts
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 03 Breast reconstruction
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 04 Breast reduction
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 05 Carpal tunnel
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 06 Craniofacial operations
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 07 Maxillofacial operations
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 08 Melanoma - or suspected
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 09 Other skin cancer - or suspected
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 10 Rhinoplasty / Septorhinoplasty
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 11 Abdominoplasty
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 12 Scar revision
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 13 Hand procedures
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 14 Cleft Lip / Cleft Palate
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 15 Carpal tunnel release (already picked up in Ortho)
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 27 Skin lesions
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 95 Other plastics
S60 Plastic Surgery [excluding burns] 99 Other plastic surgery (unclassified)
S65 Burns Surgery 99 Burns surgical services (unclassified)
S70 Urology 01 Cystoscopy
S70 Urology 02 Cystectomy
S70 Urology 03 Prostatectomy
S70 Urology 04 Stents
S70 Urology 05 Lithotripsy
S70 Urology 06 Nephrectomy
S70 Urology 07 Circumcision
S70 Urology 08 Hypospadias
S70 Urology 09 Orchidopexy
S70 Urology 10 Orchidectomy
S70 Urology 11 Vasectomy
S70 Urology 12 Reversal of vasectomy
S70 Urology 95 Other urology
S70 Urology 99 Other urology (unclassified)
S75 Vascular Surgery 01 Aneurysm repair
S75 Vascular Surgery 02 Varicose veins
S75 Vascular Surgery 03 Peripheral vascular surgery
S75 Vascular Surgery 04 Carotid endarterectomy
S75 Vascular Surgery 95 Other vascular
S75 Vascular Surgery 99 Other vascular surgery (unclassified)


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