Sport code table

For the Mortality Collection.

Sport code table
Sport code Sport description
AB Abseiling
AC Aerobics
AE Aerobatics
AF Australian Rules Football
AM American Football
AR Archery
AT Athletics
BA Badminton
BB Basketball
BI Billiards/Pool/Snooker
BL Ballooning
BO Boating
BS Baseball
BT Bowling - Tenpin
BU Bungy Jumping
BW Bowls
BX Boxing
CA Canoeing
CB Cycling - BMX
CK Cricket
CM Cycling - Mountainbike
CQ Croquet
CR Cycling - Road Racing
CT Cycling - Track
CU Curling
CY Cycling
DA Dancing
DP Diving - Pool
DS Diving - Skin
DT Darts
DU Diving - Underwater
FE Fencing
FI Fishing
GK Go-karting
GL Gliding
GO Golf
GY Gymnastics
HE Horse Riding - eventing/show jumping
HG Hang Gliding
HK Hockey
HO Horse Riding
HR Horse Racing
HU Hunting
IC Indoor Cricket
IS Ice Skating
JO Jogging
KA Kayaking
LR Luge Riding/Bobsleigh/Tobogganing
MA Martial Arts
MC Motor Cycling
MO Mountaineering
MR Motor Racing
MT Motor Cycle Racing
MU Multisport (biathlon, triathlon)
NE Netball
NO Not obtainable
OC Outdoor Cricket
OR Orienteering
OT Other
PG Para-gliding
PJ Parachute Jumping
PO Polo
PP Parapenting
RC Rock Climbing
RG Running
RL Rugby League
RO Rowing
RS Roller Skating
RU Rugby Union
SB Snowboarding
SF Softball
SH Shooting
SK Skateboarding
SO Soccer
SQ Squash
SS Skiing - Snow
SU Surfing
SW Swimming
TB Trail Biking, Motor-Cross
TE Tennis
TO Touch Rugby
TP Trampolining
TR Tramping
TT Table Tennis
VO Volley Ball
WE Weightlifting
WI Wind Surfing
WP Water Polo
WR Wrestling
WS Water Skiing
YA Yachting
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