Facility Type code table

For the national collections.

Facility Type code table
Facility Type code
Facility Type code description
01 Public Hospital
02 Private Hospital
03 Psychiatric Hospital
04 G.P. Practice
10 Health Centre
11 Local Cancer Registry
12 Mental Health outpatient service
13 Cervical Screening Programme
14 Drug and Alcohol Treatment facility
15 Mental Health community skills enhancement facility
16 Kaupapa Māori Service
17 Pacific Island Service
18 Mental Health community team
19 Child, Adolescent and Family service
20 Mental Health day hospital
21 Mental Health residential 1 to 5 facility
22 Mental Health residential and skills enhancement facility
23 Forensic Mental Health treatment facility
24 Intellectual Disability facility
25 Charitable Trust facility
26 Ambulance (This code is not available for national collections reporting)
99 Other
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