Event End Type code table

For the national collections.

Event End Type code table
Event End Type code Description
DA Discharge to acute specialist facility
DC Psychiatric patient discharged to community care
DD Died
DF Change of funder
DI Self discharge from hospital,indemnity signed
DL Committed psychiatric patient discharged to leave of more than 14 days
DN Psychiatric remand patient discharged without committal
DO Discharge of a patient kept sustainable for organ donation
DP Psychiatric patient transferred for further psychiatric care
DR Ended routinely
DS Self discharge from hospital (no indemnity signed)
DT Discharge of patient to another healthcare facility
DW Discharge to other service within same facility
EA Discharge from ED acute to specialist facility (neonates & burns only)
ED Died while still in emergency department acute facility
EI Self discharge from an ED acute facility with indemnity signed
ER Routine discharge from an emergency department acute facility
ES Self discharge from an ED facility without indemnity
ET Discharge from ED acute facility to another healthcare facility
OB Discharge to Observation Unit (NNPAC only)
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