Removal of NUSS bar

Created Jun 2016
Reviewed Dec 2019


A NUSS bar is inserted to treat pectus excavatum and 38458-00 [564] Repair of pectus excavatum with implantation of subcutaneous prosthesis covers the insertion.  Customarily the bar is removed at the end of adolescence, once growth has completed and the chest is well-shaped and there is good lung function.  There is no code indexed for the removal of the bar.

Suggestions for the removal of the bar include: 

 38418-00 [561] Exploratory thoracotomy
90175-04 [567] Other closed procedures on chest wall, mediastinum or diaphragm
47930-00 [1554] Removal of plate, rod or nail, NEC

Which would be the best code to assign?


For NUSS bar removal assign 47930-00 [1554] Removal of plate, rod or nail, NEC following the ACHI Index: Removal/fixation device/internal/plate.  Free text should be used to specify the device being removed.

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