Reactive gastropathy

Created Oct 2019


What is the appropriate code for ‘Reactive gastropathy’?

Histopathology result states “there is no increase in chronic inflammatory cells. No acute or granulomatous inflammation is seen.  The findings are consistent with reactive gastropathy.”


Reactive gastropathy is usually caused by long-term exposure of the gastric mucosa to substances capable of injuring the gastric mucosa eg, medications, ethanol, bile reflux and is characterised by minimal inflammation.  Therefore, assign ICD-10-AM code K31.88 Other specified diseases of stomach and duodenum by following the ICD-10-AM Alphabetic Index, Disease/stomach/specified NEC K31.88, and use free text to specify ‘reactive gastropathy’.

Refer to ACS 0002 Additional diagnoses – problems and underlying conditions if the underlying cause if known and documented in the clinical record.

 Reference: UpToDate

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