Pre-hydration prior to CT scan with contrast

Created Jul 2015
Reviewed Dec 2019


If a patient is admitted to hospital as a same day inpatient for IV pre-hydration prior to a CT scan with contrast, do we code the pre-hydration (IV fluids)?


No.  IV pre-hydration in these situations is not coded as this is standard protocol before receiving IV contrast for the CT scan. 

The decision to give IV contrast depends on clinical indication for the study, findings of the study and patient risk factors. The risk factors are: asthma, allergies, renal impairment, hyperthyroidism and metformin use.  Patients who are at higher risk will be given IV pre-hydration to minimise the risk of bronchospasm, allergic reaction and contrast induced nephropathy.  Low risk patients would be advised to take oral fluids prior to the scan.

Where there is clinical documentation indicating the risk factor (e.g. renal impairment) this would be coded as an additional diagnosis.

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