Meibomian gland dysfunction

Created Dec 2017
Reviewed Dec 2019


Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) has no index entry in ICD-10-AM, but it is a common diagnosis in our Ophthalmology service.  Dysfunction implies that the gland(s) is unable to discharge its secretions.  This then results in inflammation.  Mechanical assistance to discharge results in small amounts of pus coming out.  We have various opinions on the best code to use for MGD, ranging across categories H00 Hordeolum and chalazion to H02 Other disorders of eyelid.

Which code should be assigned to indicate MGD?


H00.0 Hordeolum and other deep inflammation of eyelid is the most appropriate diagnosis code to assign following the ICD-10-AM Alphabetic Index: Meibomitis H00.0

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