External cause – thrown from biscuit being towed by boat

Created Jul 2017
Reviewed Dec 2019


What is the most appropriate external cause code to assign for ‘fall (thrown) from biscuit being towed by boat’?

Accident was described as “was biscuiting on Lake Wanaka when hit a wave and was thrown off, landing heavily on the water.” Causing a spleen injury.  Further information from the medical centre in Wanaka states, “the biscuit was swinging around behind the boat and hit the boats wake”.


A review of external cause data reported to the National Minimum Dataset (NMDS) revealed that clinical coders are consistently assigning W02.2 Fall involving water ski for accidents involving inflatable biscuit/water ring, water skis and wakeboards.  Therefore, assign W02.2 Fall involving water ski for ‘fall involving biscuit causing injury’, and use free text to add specificity (e.g. thrown from inflatable biscuit being towed by boat).

Refer to published Coding Rule June 2009 ‘Fall while water skiing’.

Fall from jet ski – assign V92.3 Water-transport-related drowning and submersion without accident to watercraft, other powered watercraft.

Fall from raft – assign V92.6 Water-transport-related drowning and submersion without accident to watercraft, inflatable craft (nonpowered).

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