External cause – place of occurrence – refuse transfer station, recycling centre, tip or dump

Created Oct 2011
Reviewed Dec 2019


What place of occurrence code should be assigned for ‘refuse transfer station’, ‘recycling centre’, ‘tip’ or ‘dump’?


As there is variability across the country as to the how these places are defined and operate, the external cause code is to be assigned on a case by case basis according to the information of the place of occurrence, and the reason why the person was there may also be a factor.

The place of occurrence external cause code that would generally be assigned in the majority of cases is Y92.58 Place of occurrence, other specified trade and service area.  For example, a person injured while purchasing or selling items at a recycle centre, or a person at the refuse transfer station dumping a trailer load of rubbish tripped over the tail gate and fell into the pit.

Y92.68 Place of occurrence, other specified industrial and construction area may be assigned depending on the documentation.  For example, if there was documentation that the person was injured while at work operating a compactor roller/digger at the dump (landfill area) or transfer station, then Y92.68 would be the appropriate place of occurrence code to assign.


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