Decompression of pseudo-obstruction

Created Jun 2012
Reviewed Jul 2016


What ACHI codes should be assigned for decompression of colonic pseudo-obstruction and gastric pseudo-obstruction?


Refer to the clinical documentation to obtain information as to how the decompression was performed eg, was it via an endoscope or insertion of tube, or was it done at time of an open procedure?

This will then determine if the decompression is coded or not, see ACS 0042 Procedures normally not coded, point 15 Nasogastric intubation, aspiration and feeding.

For this query NZCA reviewed the operation reports for two cases.  In both cases a flexible sigmoidoscopy was performed to decompress the colon.

Therefore, assign the procedure code 32084-00 [905] Fibreoptic colonoscopy to hepatic flexure for the flexible sigmoidoscopy only and use free text on the code description to specify the decompression eg, Flexible sigmoidoscopy with decompression of pseudo-obstruction.

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