About the New Zealand Coding Authority

The New Zealand Coding Authority (NZCA) is a group of clinical coding experts who collaboratively and co-operatively resolve clinical coding queries and related issues on behalf of the New Zealand clinical coding sector.  This promotes the collection of consistent, complete and accurate hospitalisation data in New Zealand. 

Terms of reference

Responsibilities of NZCA

NZCA will undertake the following activities in order to achieve its purpose:

  1. Collaboratively resolve coding queries and provide clarification on coding standards and directives
  2. Ensure that ICD-10-AM and ACHI standards of definition and conventions are maintained during the resolution process
  3. Engage in open discussion and information sharing within the members’ respective organisations to assist in the query resolution process 
  4. Evaluate the impact of the query resolution on morbidity data collection
  5. Review coding query resolutions prior to distribution and publication on the Ministry’s Classification and Terminology website
  6. Review and provide feedback on published Coding Rules, classification proposals and any other clinical coding discussion documents
  7. Undertake a full review of published NZCA coding queries/responses as required
  8. Advise the Ministry of Health on the development of new procedures, clinical trials, potential anomalies in the classification (ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS), New Zealand WIES and the Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs)
  9. Advise the Ministry of Health on any other issues related to clinical coding using ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS, New Zealand WIES methodology and Diagnosis Related Groups.

Responsibilities of Members

It is the responsibility of NZCA members to:

  • Meet the member requirements as detailed in the Terms of Reference
  • Communicate NZCA deliberations with their respective coding unit/region or other appropriate person/s
  • Review NZCA documents and provide timely feedback to the Chairperson both prior to and outside of meetings
  • Attend meetings, or where it is not possible send an apology to Chairperson no later than one day prior to the scheduled meeting
  • Where the member is unable to attend a meeting, they are still to review documents and provide feedback.

Before the meeting:

  1. Collate and send coding queries/topics for discussion as they arise to Chairperson
  2. Investigate and research each topic for discussion prior to each meeting
  3. Consult with clinicians and/or subject matter experts as required
  4. Receive, filter and provide feedback from their coding unit/region
  5. Provide feedback to Chairperson within specified deadlines
  6. Confirm meeting attendance
  7. Seek approval form Chairperson for an observer to attend a meeting.

During the meeting:

  1. Represent their coding units/region’s concerns and interests
  2. Actively participate in discussions and resolution process.

After meeting:

  1. Review and confirm coding queries/responses for distribution
  2. Provide feedback to Chairperson within specified deadlines
  3. Complete action points arising from meetings within specified deadlines.

If a member does not regularly meet their responsibilities as detailed in the Terms of Reference it is at the Chairperson’s discretion to terminate their membership following consultation with DHB management. The DHB the member represents will then be given the opportunity to replace the member with another person who meets the membership criteria.  

Members for the term 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022

Group Member


Tracy Thompson (Chair) Ministry of Health
Jayasree Kasha Waitemata DHB
Andrew Wooding Auckland DHB
Verena Nadlang Counties Manukau DHB
Moira Williams Waikato DHB
Chris Rodley Hawkes Bay DHB
Shuer Zeng Hutt Valley DHB
Roxana Vasiu Capital & Coast DHB
Janelle Fynn Canterbury DHB
Donna Holley Southern DHB


NZCA meetings will be scheduled every two months depending on the number of queries/topics on the agenda at any given time.  Meetings will be held by either Zoom, Microsoft Teams or teleconference with a minimum of two face to face meetings during the 24-month term.  Additional meetings may be required to discuss Coding Rules where they do not coincide with NZCA meetings. The required quorum for the meetings will be half the members plus one.  Where the required quorum for the two face to face meetings is not able to be met, alternative Zoom or Microsoft Teams will be used.

In specific circumstances, a member may request an observer attend a meeting by seeking approval from the Chairperson prior to the scheduled meeting. The limit is one observer per member. An observer is someone who is not officially part of the NZCA, and therefore cannot actively participate in a meeting unless invited to do so. An observer will be recorded in the meeting summary as being present and if they are invited to contribute, their comments will be recorded.

The meeting schedule for the first 12 months (1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021) is:

  1. Thursday 20 August 2020
  2. Thursday 22 October 2020 
  3. Thursday 10 December 2020 –  Face to Face in Wellington
  4. Thursday 18 March 2021 
  5. Thursday 6 May 2021
  6. Thursday 17 June 2021.

The meeting schedule is subject to change depending on member and Chairperson availability.  Additional ad hoc meetings may also be called by the Chair on an as required basis. 

To contact the NZCA Chair please email the coding helpdesk: [email protected]


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