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27 August 2019

The Ministry of Health is developing a new Māori Health Action Plan that aims to improve Māori health and wellbeing by further implementing He Korowai Oranga: the Ministry’s Māori Health Strategy.

He Korowai Oranga, launched in 2002, presented a fundamental shift in Māori health, with a holistic view emphasising the importance of whānau, hāpu, and iwi. He Korowai Oranga was refreshed in 2014 with greater focus on achieving pae ora (healthy futures), underpinned by the interconnected elements of mauri ora (healthy individuals), whānau ora (healthy families), and wai ora (healthy environments).

We know Māori don’t experience the same health outcomes as non-Māori, and that to achieve more equitable health outcomes the Ministry needs to work with Māori communities, whānau, hāpu, and iwi. The Māori Health Directorate is hosting health sector wānaga around Aotearoa New Zealand, and an online survey has been developed for the wider public to give feedback. The insights and experiences shared with the Ministry during the wānanga and via the online survey will help shape the Māori Health Action Plan and influence the health system’s approach to Māori health and wellbeing. 

The Ministry also wants to respect previous Crown consultations and recognise contributions already made in previous wānanga. To achieve this, we have acknowledged the main themes and priorities from previous Māori-Crown engagement and have used these to inform the development of the Māori Health Action Plan.

Please help us redefine our approach to Māori health by giving us your feedback, and help us spread the word amongst your whānau, community, friends, and colleagues.

You can complete the online Māori Health Action Plan online survey on the Ministry’s Health Consultation Hub.

Read more about the Māori Health Action Plan.

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