SmartStart goes bilingual

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22 September 2017

SmartStart website

The award-winning SmartStart has gone bi-lingual, to mark last week’s Māori Language Week. The website will have permanent bilingual headings, and bilingual headings will also feature on the online birth registration form.

SmartStart was the first successful integrated digital service across multiple agencies including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, Internal Affairs, Inland Revenue, Plunket and NZ Midwives. It recently won a prestigious international award for excellence in innovation and communication. In addition, SmartStart won the 2017 State Services Commission Award for Excellence in Achieving Collective Impact, which was awarded to the four government agencies involved.

People from across the Ministry of Health contributed to the content of the website which presents practical information about pregnancy and caring for a new baby, including finding a lead maternity carer, eligibility for free or subsidised maternity care, screening, maintaining health during pregnancy, and immunisation.

SmartStart has recently introduced a notifications feature, allowing users to opt-in to receive email reminders about upcoming tasks relating to their pregnancy. In coming months, location-based services will be added, linked to the Ministry of Social Development’s Family Services Directory. Users will be able to see the relevant services available to them in their area – eg, finding local parenting groups or breastfeeding support. 

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