Report on historical financial and governance practices at Counties Manukau DHB released

News article

05 September 2018

In late 2017 the Ministry of Health commissioned a review of governance and financial practices at Counties Manukau District Health Board (DHB). This was at the request of Counties Manukau DHB which had expressed concerns about whether due process was followed in a range of previous transactions at the DHB.

The report looked at practices, remuneration and benefits of Executive Leadership Team members, and the requirements of DHBs to obtain capital expenditure approval.

The reviewers have now reported back and the Ministry of Health has released their report:

The report does not make any findings of wrongdoing which would warrant referral to other authorities. It does not propose the Ministry undertake any further investigation.

The report does, however, raise several issues that may require resolution. These matters have been referred to the Chief Executive and Chair of Counties Manukau DHB, who are considering further steps.

There are also some general lessons for DHBs from matters reviewed in the report relating to the importance of openness and transparency in decision making in maintaining a strong and highly valued public health system. These lessons have been shared with DHBs:

The Director General of Health has also reiterated in the letter to DHBs that trust and confidence in public health services is critical and must be maintained. In particular, government governance and management of DHBs must be beyond reproach:

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