Pharmacy regulators sign agreement to work more closely together

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01 March 2019

Medsafe and the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand have today signed a new agreement further enhancing how they work together.

The agreement sets out what information the two regulators will share, and how information will be shared and stored securely. It further supports the working relationship the two regulators already have in place to protect public safety.

The agreement was put in place after consultation with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

This agreement is one of a number of initiatives the two regulators will use to work more closely together, to more effectively scan the environment for any issues in the pharmacy sector, and to take timely action to protect public safety.

While the agreement will provide immediate benefits to both regulators, it also delivers on the objectives of the Therapeutic Products Bill in which the regulator of products works more closely and collaboratively with the regulator of healthcare professional groups such as the Pharmacy Council.

Medsafe's Group Manager Chris James says it's important relevant information is able to be shared between the two regulators.

"Signing this agreement is a really encouraging step because it simply enables us to work more closely."

View a copy of the agreement:


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