Performance Improvement Framework Review released

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06 December 2017

Director-General of Health Chai Chuah accepts the Performance Improvement Framework report, acknowledges the issues raised and is focussed on making the necessary changes needed to lift the Ministry of Health’s performance.

“I recognise there is a lot more work yet to do, however I believe the foundations are now in place for the Ministry of Health to take the next step. I am optimistic that the important shift our health system needs to make is already in motion,” Mr Chuah says.

The State Services Commission has recently released the Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) commissioned for the Ministry of Health. The PIF is based on where the Ministry is placed relative to its Four-year Excellence Horizon - a vision for the future of the health system and the Ministry’s role within it.

“I am grateful to the reviewers, external stakeholders and staff members who provided some valuable perspective on shortcomings. They've done their job, now it’s time for the leadership team to use the feedback and focus more strongly on the task ahead.

“The Ministry needs to communicate better with people to share our plans and priorities and to build our understanding of their needs and wishes if we are to achieve a successful transformation. This requires two-way engagement and collaboration with partners, ranging from families and community groups to health practitioners, District Health Boards (DHBs) and other government departments. This is something we have already begun.

“We also agree with the reviewers’ comments that more can be done to introduce technologies and integrated information systems that support richer information sharing for targeted customer-centred care and improved quality and safety.

“Transformation needs to start from the inside out and I agree with the reviewers that we need to do better in aspects of how we manage our organisation, particularly governance and portfolio management.

“A priority for the Ministry is to work on these areas of improvement as well as supporting the Government’s 100 day plan objectives.”

Read the report on the State Services Commission website.

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