Patient Portals - use of Cloudcheck to verify identity

Information about the Cloudcheck service which some New Zealand PHOs and GP practices are using to verify their patients' identity online.

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25 March 2020

Patient portals provide a communication channel between you and your GP practice to exchange information, manage appointments, and more.

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, PHOs and GP practices around New Zealand are trying to encourage more people to sign up for their practices patient portal systems to ease and centralise communication.

Therefore, you may receive an email from your GP practice asking you to sign up to their patient portal. Normally many practices would require you to visit them in person to provide proof of identity first. However, this is less practical right now. 

In order to balance convenience with privacy by validating your identity prior to getting access to your records in a patient portal, an identity verification service may be used by GP practices to verify your identity online.

"Cloudcheck" from Verifi Identity Services is one of the services that may be used. This is a third-party service which can check your identification information and provide a simple confirmation back to your GP practice to finish your enrolment.

It is very important to remain vigilant and beware of scams or 'phishing' attempts to steal your information online. When you receive the message from your practice with a link to the verification service, it's very important to make sure that:

  • You are accessing the link from a device you own or trust
  • You are not accessing the page over an untrusted network (e.g. free Wi-Fi)
  • You ensure that the address in your browser starts with this string:  

    Note that the "thinkhauora" above will be replaced by the name of your GP practice or patient portal.
    See below for an example screenshot.

The Ministry of Health does not provide support for this service or signing up to patient portals.

If there are any differences in the way the address looks, you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of the message, or have any other questions about registering with your patient portal, please contact your GP practice directly.


Example of how the Cloudcheck service would appear for a user.
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