Online Death Documents service launched

News article

01 March 2018

The Ministry of Health is working with the Department of Internal Affairs to make it simpler for medical practitioners to complete medical documents after someone dies. Doctors and nurse practitioners will soon be able to complete the necessary forms online via the new Death Documents platform.

In the first phase, launched today, a group of medical practitioners around the country will complete forms including the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death online. Medical practitioners will print forms for funeral directors during this phase but the project is working towards a fully digital process in the coming months.

The Ministry of Health is taking feedback from Death Documents users about how the online process can be enhanced. Medical practitioners can find more information about Death Documents on the Death Documents website. Read more about completing Death Documents.

Online documents can be filled in on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, and can be saved and submitted later. Death Documents is intuitive and has help at each step. Documents submitted online are instantly sent to the Ministry of Health so that notification to the health sector about someone’s death can happen more quickly.

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