New Zealand Health Survey seeks feedback

News article

27 June 2019

The Ministry of Health has launched an online questionnaire seeking feedback on the current New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) as it commences a refresh of its content.

The NZHS is a key source of data on the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. It runs continuously with over 13,000 adults and the parents and primary caregivers of over 4,000 children taking part in the survey each year.
The purpose of the refresh is to ensure the content of the NZHS remains relevant and of high value to users.

The first phase involves seeking detailed feedback from those who use data from the Adult or Child NZHS about what aspects of the current survey are important to them, what they use the data for and how often they need it.

Suggestions for future content are also sought. Feedback received through these questionnaires will help to define the scope of the content refresh.

You can find links to the Adult and Child questionnaires here:

The questionnaire will be open until 24 July 2019. The refreshed NZHS survey will launch in July 2021.

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