New health-led Better Public Services targets

A refresh of the Better Public Services has been announced today with two new targets that will be led by the Ministry of Health and require input and support from across the wider social sector.

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03 May 2017

Result 2: Healthy Mums and Babies

‘By 2021, 90% of pregnant women are registered with a Lead Maternity Carer in the first trimester, with an interim target of 80% by 2019, with equitable rates for all population groups’

Result 3: Keeping Kids Healthy

‘By 2021, a 25% reduction in the rate of hospitalisations for avoidable conditions in children aged 0 - 12 years, with an interim target of 15% by 2019’

The avoidable hospitalisations include dental conditions, respiratory conditions (such as bronchiolitis, pneumonia, asthma and wheeze), skin conditions (such as skin infections, dermatitis and eczema), and head injuries.

Both of these targets have a strong focus on improving outcomes for pregnant women and children, and reducing inequities of service access and outcomes between different population groups.

Infant immunisation and rheumatic fever prevention will continue to be focus areas. Eight-month-old immunisation rates remains one of the government’s Health Targets and an increased emphasis is also being placed on five-year-old coverage.

The government has allocated $5 million per year over the next five years to the 11 DHBs with a high incidence of rheumatic fever and the new BPS Results Area 3, with its emphasis on reducing respiratory conditions, will also continue the focus on rheumatic fever. 

We will be working in partnership with District Health Boards and the broader health sector to deliver Results 2 and 3, as well as seeking feedback from other specialist groups.

We will also be working closely with the Ministries of Social Development, Business, Innovation and Employment, and Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki, Housing New Zealand and the Department of Internal Affairs.

More information about the new targets is available on the State Services Commission website: Better Public Services – the next steps

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