Ministry welcomes ACC’s offer to reassess declined surgical mesh claims

News article

29 October 2020

The Ministry of Health welcomes ACC’s offer to reassess declined surgical mesh claims based on new cover guidance.

This was one of the actions agreed to in the report Hearing and Responding to the Stories of Survivors of Surgical Mesh released last December following a restorative process which heard the stories more than 600 affected by surgical mesh. The report highlighted the severity of harm, and that ACC’s claims experience contributed to the harm some people experienced.

 New guidance that ACC has developed will be used to assess previously declined claims and any new surgical mesh claims. It will help registered health professionals understand ACC cover for surgical mesh injuries, and when it might be beneficial to submit a treatment injury claim for their patient.

 We encourage anyone who would like their declined surgical mesh claim reassessed to:

  • contact the dedicated reassessment team on 0800 735 566, or email [email protected]
  • visit their GP – ACC can reimburse the cost of this appointment
  • discuss this with their medical specialist (if they are receiving specialist care) at an upcoming appointment
  • visit to find out more.
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