Marking 60 years of 111

News article

28 September 2018

The Ministry of Health is pleased to mark the 60th anniversary of 111 on 29 September 2018.

For many people, a call to 111 is their point-of-entry to our health system when they’re most in need of emergency health care. It’s timely to think about the great work first responders such as paramedics do, serving New Zealanders every day by providing life-saving services.

Although much has changed about 111 in terms of technology, what has remained the same over the last 60 years is the assurance New Zealanders can pick up the phone at any time, call 111 and know help is on its way.

Countless lives have been saved over the years thanks to 111 rapidly connecting people with emergency services, with 533,669 111 calls received for ambulances in the last financial year alone.

111 has enabled people to call a short and easy-to-remember number wherever they are and get through to emergency services. The service launched in Masterton and Carterton in 1958 and was available throughout all of New Zealand by 1988.

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