Key design challenges around funding, control and choice discussed for new disability support system

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15 May 2017

The group tasked with designing a new disability support system has identified a range of key challenges at its latest workshop.  These included challenges around funding, control and choice, to name but a few.  A review of evidence also highlighted a list of what to do and what not to do in designing a new system.

A co-design group, which includes disabled people, those with disabled family members, and representatives from the disability sector, is holding a series of workshops until mid-June to design the new system.

The aim is to provide disabled people and their families more choice and control.

Leading the work is the Ministry of Health’s Sacha O’Dea.

You can find out more about the fourth workshop on the Enabling Good Lives website.

Two participants standing at table discussing ideas. Third person seated at table, back to camera.
Key design issues are discussed at the disability workshop.
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