Disabled people contribute in equal way to co-design of new system

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16 June 2017

Disabled people participating in a series of workshops to create a high-level design for a new disability support system said they felt able to contribute in an equal way to the co-design process.

At the final workshop, there were comments that everybody worked in collaboration and partnership so power hadn’t sat with a single group or person, they liked the challenge of having crunchy discussions and there was now a clear vision on moving forward.

Leading the work is the Ministry of Health’s Sacha O’Dea.

The co-design group reviewed the updated high-level design and looked at the roadmap for work going forward, including:

  • What needs to be done before this can be implemented in MidCentral?
  • What policy and legislation needs to be changed?
  • Who do we need to engage with across the sector and when?
  • What and who do we need to communicate with?
  • What do we need to do to support and manage the change with different groups (eg disabled people, whānau, providers, government agencies, NASCs, community)?
  • What do we need to do to ensure people can continue to receive their current support during the transition if it meets their needs?

The high-level design will be presented to Cabinet early next month.

Find out more about the latest workshop:

Enabling Good Lives - participant discussion at the June 13 workshop
June 13 workshop - participants contributing to the co-design of a new disability system.


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