Delivering an ideal experience for disabled people is aim of new support system

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23 May 2017

Mapping the ideal experience for disabled people and their families/whānau was the focus of the latest workshop to design a transformed disability support system.

A co-design group, which includes disabled people, those with disabled family members and representatives from the disability sector, is holding a series of workshops until mid-June to come up with a high level design.

The group looked at what would need to be in a new system to be able to deliver an ideal experience, then tested, reviewed and refined the proposals, based on real-life experiences of disabled people.

The workshop was held over two days and the group created some innovative solutions for some of the more difficult aspects of the design. The aim of a transformed system is to provide disabled people and their families more choice and control over their lives and their supports.

Leading the work is the Ministry of Health’s Sacha O’Dea.

You can find out more about the fifth workshop on the Enabling Good Lives website

Eight participants seated and standing in front of notice boards displaying workshop feedback notes.
The group discusses some of the tough issues at the workshop.
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