COVID-19 media update, 29 June

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29 June 2020

The Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, provided an update to the media today at 1.00 pm.

View the video below.

Today there are two new cases of COVID-19 detected at the border. There continue to be no cases in the community. 

Questions from journalists.

  • How do you go from having no symptoms to requiring hospital level care?
  • Reaction to the report from yesterday.
  • Results of the review. 
  • One of the recommendations was a review of PPE. Is that happening now?
  • Who is supplying masks for managed isolation?
  • Will PPE for manage isolation be coming from government stocks?
  • What sort of masks will people be using?
  • Do you have a sense of where people coming from overseas are contracting COVID-19?
  • Could airlines require a test or managed isolation before travelling?
  • Was Dr Bloomfield told by health officials they didn’t have capacity to do day three and day twelve testing?
  • The review says officials would not be able to comply with that kind of testing. Why is that?
  • Are you confident in the current processes in place for flight crew?
  • Will improving that process mean putting international crew in managed isolation?
  • What does that process involve for the US?
  • Have any issues in stockpiles with medical equipment been dealt with?
  • Have those supply chains been altered?
  • It has taken a week to contact people. Does that undermine confidence in our contact tracing abilities?
  • What’s the next step in contact tracing and if people continue to ignore pleas to contact Healthline?
  • What is the threshold for contacting these people?
  • Some people who called Healthline were referred to their GP for a test and charged, why is that?
  • There was an editorial on how masking is the way to avoid a second lockdown, has Dr Bloomfield read that?
  • Do you have plans to rule out mask use across public spaces?
  • What were the issues with contact tracing the 300+ people?
  • If there was a community outbreak, what could we expect to see?
  • Does Dr Bloomfield know anything further about the man who is currently under hospital level care?
  • Is there any updates on compassionate exemptions and when they may be reinstated?
  • Has Dr Bloomfield received any flowers yet?

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