Conversations that Count and advance care planning

News article

05 April 2017

Conversations that Count Day (April 5) is about encouraging people to think about, talk about and plan for their future and end-of-life care. These conversations can be difficult. Advance care planning is a formal framework with advice to make this easier.

Advance care planning explores what matters to people as they near the end of their life. This information is shared with loved ones and health care teams so treatment and care plans can support what matters to them.

An advance care plan might include people and pets, personal values and the ways care should take into account spiritual and emotional needs.

Having a plan is particularly important in the event people become too unwell to communicate their needs and wants. It can also can relieve the burden on friends and family who are left having to make decisions on another person’s behalf

It’s never too late, or too early to have an advance care plan. Visit your GP, or the advance care planning website for more information. This also includes tips for bringing up discussions about advance care planning with friends and whānau.

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