Call for nominations to Suicide and Media Expert Panel

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25 July 2016

Suicide in New Zealand is a significant health and social issue. The way suicide is reported can increase the risk of suicide, however responsible conversations can also help prevent it.

Section 71 of the Coroners Act 2006 sets out some restrictions on what can be made public. The Act was recently amended to clarify the restrictions. Go to Talking about suicide to find out more.

The Coroners Amendment Act 2016 includes the establishment of a Suicide and Media Expert Panel to advise the Chief Coroner about applications for exemptions.

The Panel will consist of up to four members who, collectively, will have expertise in suicide prevention, Māori youth suicide, tikanga Māori and media.  

The Director-General of Health is now calling for nominations to the Panel. Applicants must have a significant level of expertise in at least one of the member categories above, and be able to:

  • weigh conflicting and sensitive information and come to a robust, defensible, timely and independent view
  • negotiate complex and ambiguous social and cultural issues
  • work independently and as part of a collective
  • be available to the Chief Coroner at short notice and on an ongoing basis.

Nominations close on Sunday 7 August 2016 and nominees will be informed of their success or otherwise by Friday 9 September 2016.  

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