Auckland mumps outbreak remains localised

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21 December 2017

The Ministry of Health is working closely with Auckland’s three metropolitan DHBs to address the rise in reported cases of mumps in the region to ensure it remains largely contained to Auckland.

There’s been a rapid rise in the reported cases of mumps in the region since September, and during this time, the Ministry has been providing support to those DHBs to manage the local outbreak.

Since 1 September, 85% of all reported cases have been in the Auckland area.

Not only will the Ministry continue to offer its full support to Auckland’s DHBs, it will also be working with other DHBs to put a stronger focus on their actions to ensure that the outbreak remains largely localised to Auckland.

The Ministry will continue to work with the Auckland metropolitan DHBs providing additional support to assist them in their local vaccination campaigns, following on from the promotion and logistical support provided over recent months.

The Ministry is now also looking beyond Auckland to ensure other DHBs around the country are taking steps to minimise the spread and contain the outbreak to Auckland.

Taking these precautionary actions now is especially important at this time of year as people travel to and from the region for the festive period.

It’s important for other DHBs to implement control measures including monitoring, surveillance, reporting cases, contact tracing of cases and vaccination of at-risk populations in these contacts.

We’re asking GPs around the country to check the status of their patient’s vaccinations and offer them extra immunisation if needed.

MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is free to everyone born from 1 January 1969.

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