National health targets – data release and development of new measures

Media release

10 August 2018

As it finalises advice on a new suite of measures and a framework for reporting health system performance and measures, the Ministry of Health has released data relating to existing targets.

While work has been underway to develop the new measures, DHBs have continued to report to the Ministry on the existing targets, and it’s this information which is being released today.

‘Our future focus will be on a wider set of measures of system performance and population health outcomes,’ says the Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

‘This will provide a fuller picture of how our health system is delivering for all New Zealanders.’

‘I recognise there’s strong public and media interest in receiving informative health data, and in DHB performance on the existing six health targets. Existing target results for quarters one to three of 2017/ 18 are being released on the Ministry website today. Quarter four results are expected to be available later in August, once quarterly reporting processes are complete, and will be made available after that.’

The release will be in flat file format with DHBs results presented alphabetically.

Dr Bloomfield says the Ministry will be working with DHBs to ensure an appropriate focus on and accountability for existing quality and performance measures while the new measures are developed.

Further information is available at Health targets.

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