Teaching, NZ social work or NZ nursing qualifications

Qualification assessments are done at an individual qualification level, with some exceptions. The following assessments have been made as blanket decisions.

  • Teaching qualifications – New Zealand teaching qualifications that have been approved for teacher registration by the NZ Teaching Council (formerly the NZ Teacher Registration Board) are deemed to be equivalent to Level 4 for pay equity purposes. This includes Diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees, Graduate and Post-Graduate Diplomas, and Masters degrees. This also applies to teaching qualifications gained overseas that have led to the person gaining Registration by the NZ Teaching Council. To find out if a teaching qualification has NZ Teaching Council or previously NZ Teacher Registration Board approval view the Teaching Council website.
  • Social Work qualifications – obtained in New Zealand and recognised by NZ Social Workers Registration Board will be assessed as equivalent to Level 4.  A list of these can be found on the Social Workers Registration Board website.
  • New Zealand Nursing Qualifications – If you hold a NZ Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, an NZ enrolled nursing qualification or have had Registration with the New Zealand Nursing Council and are working as a care and support worker under the Act then your qualification is assessed as equivalent to Level 4.
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