MidCentral staff numbers

This data looks at the number of employed full-time and part-time staff at MidCentral District Health Board, as related back to a full-time equivalent (FTE).

One FTE is based on a maximum of 40 hours. Additional contracted hours are capped to this level – for example, a senior medical officer contracted for 60 hours is reported as 1 FTE not 1.5 FTE.

Medical and nursing staff employed as at 31 March 2017
  EMPLOYED FTEs as at 30 November 2008 EMPLOYED FTEs as at 31 March 2017 Change since 2008 Percentage change since 2008
Medical Nursing Excl HA* Nursing Incl HA* Medical Nursing Excl HA* Nursing Incl HA* Medical Nursing Excl HA Medical Nursing Excl HA
MidCentral DHB 219 749 842 304 890 965 84 141 38.5% 18.8%
All DHB Total 5,930 18,325 20,731 8,189 22,967 25,975 2,260 4,642 38.1% 25.3%

*HA = Health assistants. The DHB/Ministry of Health Common Chart of Accounts includes them in the nursing category.

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