Lakes health target results

Health targets are a set of 6 national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services.

The 2016/17 health targets are:

Updated health target results are published every quarter. The latest results for Lakes DHB are summarised below.

Lakes health targets: Quarter 4 (April-June) 2016/17 results

Lakes health targets: Quarter 4 (April-June) 2016/17 results
  Ranking quarter 4, 2016/17 Quarter 3, 2016/17 Quarter 4, 2016/17 National goal
Shorter stays in emergency departments 11 93.6% 94.2% 95%
Increased access to elective surgery 15 103.8% 101.4% 100%
Faster cancer treatment 13 79.5% 77.3% 85%
Increased immunisation 12 90.8% 91.9% 95%
Better help for smokers to quit – primary care 11 89.5% 89.6% 90%
Raising healthy kids 8 79.4% 88.4% 95%

The DHB ranking in the table shows the DHB’s relative performance compared to other DHBs. In most cases a rank of 1 represents comparatively good performance, and a rank of 20 represents relatively poorer performance. However, where DHBs have achieved the national goal they are all considered to be good performers.

2016/17 health targets

The 6 targets for 2016/17 are:

Shorter Stays in Emergency DepartmentsShorter stays in emergency departments

95% of patients will be admitted, discharged, or transferred from an emergency department (ED) within 6 hours. The target is a measure of the efficiency of flow of acute (urgent) patients through public hospitals and home again.

Improved Access to Elective SurgeryImproved access to elective surgery

The volume of elective surgery will be increased by an average of 4,000 discharges per year.

Faster Cancer TreatmentFaster cancer treatment

85% of patients receive their first cancer treatment within 62 days of being referred with a high suspicion of cancer and a need to be seen within 2 weeks, increasing to 90% by June 2017.

Increased ImmunisationIncreased immunisation

95% of 8-month-olds will have their primary course of immunisation (at 6 weeks, 3 months and 5 months) on time.

Better Help for Smokers to QuitBetter help for smokers to quit

90% of PHO enrolled patients who smoke have been offered help to quit smoking by a health care practitioner in the last 15 months.

90% of pregnant women who identify as smokers upon registration with a DHB-employed midwife or Lead Maternity Carer are offered brief advice and support to quit smoking.

Raising Healthy KidsRaising healthy kids

95% of obese children identified in the B4 School Check programme will be offered a referral to a health professional for clinical assessment and family-based nutrition, activity and lifestyle interventions by December 2017.

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